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David Aylwin, Founder Reading Transformations, Speed Reading video led courses

David Aylwin, Founder, Reading Transformations Ltd.
David will be your online instructor.

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“At long last I think I am going to complete my studies thanks to your remarkable course”  
P.Throwley,  MBA Student

“Without doubt, one of the most effective training courses I have ever encountered.  Thank you very much.” 
Karen Smart, Solicitor

“I had no idea that my reading speeds could improve so much AND allow me to take in and remember so much more.”   
Ken Potter, IT Manager.

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Leslie Mann, HR Manager

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You could improve comprehension

by up to 30%!

·  You could save up to 3 or more hours per day.   
·  You could read 2 or 3 times as much.
·  Less mind-wandering!
·  Gain up to 30% more comprehension and retention.  
·  You're less stressed, feel on top of your reading load.
·  Speed-read your own documents with our unique    YourDocs  software - you select your best speed.


Typical results

  Start of course

 End of course   
 6 months later**

Words per minute


Level of Concentration, Comprehension
and Retention


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You need this course if you:

  • Get bored by your work reading/studies
  • Often lose concentration
  • Have to re-read texts
  • Hear everything in your head
  • Easily forget what you've read
  • Feel you should understand more
  • Get stressed by being behind

What you will achieve

  • Double or treble your reading speed
  • Stop your mind wandering
  • Learn our PASS© pre-reading routine
  • Understand up to 30% more
  • Remember more with READ©
  • Learn effective skim-reading
  • Get to key points a lot faster
  • Learn the Big S and Zig-zagging

All from the convenience of your own desk.
Full course takes 2-3 hours.
Return as often as you like.
Permanent benefits.

*Subject to current currency rates.

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